India successfully tests interceptor missile


India on weekday with success tested a low-altitude fighter missile that destroys incoming flight missiles, Times of Asian nation according.

The missile laid-off off Abdul Kalam Island “successfully destroyed” the incoming “enemy” Prithvi missile, Indian defence officers claimed.

The check may be a step towards creating the country’s two-tier missile defence (BMD) system, which contains each low-altitude and high-altitude fighter missiles, operational. it’ll be a minimum of another 2 years before the fighter missile is prepared for readying to safeguard sensitive targets.

The Prithvi missile was launched from the integrated range at Chandipur over Bay of Bengal at 10:15am.

“All the mission objectives were with success met. The arm radars half-track the target and provided the initial steering to the fighter that may exactly home on to the target and destroyed it within the endo-atmospheric layer,” India’s Ministry of Defence same during a statement.

“The complete event, as well as the engagement and destruction, was half-track by variety of electro-optical chase systems exploitation infrared imagination. Radars and mensuration stations half-track the target and also the fighter until the destruction of the target,” the statement supplemental.


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