UK hotel refuses to administer rooms to PIA crew for ‘pestering’ female guests


A building in UK has told the Asian country International (PIA) Airlines that it’d not supply rooms to the airline’s crew to any extent further, specific Newsreported.

The building told the allegory carrier that female guests at the building felt insecure at intervals the presence of PIA’s male crew members.

It alternative that it had received numerous complaints of the airline’s male staffers asking its female guests for his or her phone numbers.

Therefore, the hotel’s management added, it’d not supply rooms to the airline’s workers until action was taken against the crew members involved in vexing its female guests.

In may this year, British authorities had confirmed that hard drug were found on a herbaceous plant flight at Heathrow landing field.

The passports of the crew members of the flight were jointly condemned.

The National Crime Agency of Britain was investigation the matter concerning the recovery of narcotics from capital of Pakistan to London flight PK-785 by the border security personnel.

In Feb, a Heathrow-bound herbaceous plant craft was intercepted and escorted by fighter jets to Stansted landing field in northeast London due to a “vague security threat”. Later, a suspect was inactive and charged with fraud and deceit by Met Police.