Panamagate: JI lawyer earns the Supreme Court’s ire


Continuing his arguments before the larger bench of the Supreme Court on Tues, Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) counsel Taufiq Asif earned the ire of the presiding judges when he created perennial references to a past case that had valid the October twelve, 1999 military takeover of the PML-N government at the time.

It was the second instance the advocate had stated the Zafar Ali Shah of Iran case whereas presenting his arguments before the five-member bench of the Supreme Court.

the bench had to cue the attorney that the choice reached within the Zafar Ali Shah of Iran case didn’t, in fact, acknowledge Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s possession of the London flats.

The bench additionally expressed anger at the counsel for transfer the argument up once more, noting that he appeared insistent on touching on the case on the face of it while not having even browse its call.

Justice Ijaz-ul-Hassan reproved the attorney oral communication he had “made a mockery of the case.”

“You have caused the maximum amount injury to your consumer as you most likely might,” Justice Azmat Saeed side.

The court additionally told the attorney that he had not been ready to establish any relationship between the references he was creating and therefore the possession of the London flats.

As he finished his arguments, Advocate Asif turned the court’s attention back to the Gulf Steel Mills found out in urban center in 1974, oral communication he suspects the London flats were bought by commercialism the mills

“All the petitioners ought to tend the prospect to cross-examine Nawaz Sharif [in this regard],” he said.

Justice Khosa told the advocate that the bench would elect the matter when hearing the arguments of all the petitioners.

“We can decision Nawaz Sharif [to gift himself in court] if there’s a requirement for it,” he assured.

‘Materials, not proof’
Sheikh Ahsan Uddin, another counsel representing Islamic Group within the case, told the court that “now that each one proof has been brought forward, the court encompasses a grave responsibility”.

“What ‘evidences’?” Justice Gulzar Ahmed retorted. “You will decision them materials, not evidence,” Justice Khosa side. “What can happen if the evidences [you speak of] ar found to be useless below the Law of Evidence?” Justice Azmat Saeed inquired.

“Gifts given to ME were a token of my father’s love”
After the petitioners tense their arguments, Maryam Nawaz’s attorney submitted a written reply that claimed that the gifts her father had given her were a token of his paternal love.

The premier’s girl additionally maintained that she wasn’t the owner of the London flats, which the Park Lane flats were closely-held by her brother, Hussain Nawaz.

She claimed that she had solely accepted authority over Roman deity money Services (the company that owns 2 different firms behind the London flats) at the request of her brother.

“Till these days, I actually have ne’er visited the corporate, or met with any of its workers,” she claimed

However, the court rejected the document.

“The document containing Maryam Nawaz’s testimony doesn’t have her signature thereon. The testimony [therefore] has no importance before the law,” Justice Khosa told Shahid Hamid, United Nations agency is representing the prime minister’s girl.

The attorney told the court that he can submit the document when obtaining it signed.

In his own arguments, Shahid Hamid recounted the accusations levelled against his consumer.

“It has been alleged that Maryam Nawaz is that the dependent of her father. it’s additionally been alleged that her husband did not embody the gifts Maryam was given in his tax returns,” he said.

When Justice Azmat inquired whether or not it absolutely was binding below the law that a husband declare his wife’s assets in his tax returns, the attorney told him it absolutely was not, since Maryam Nawaz pays taxes moreover.

The judges additionally determined that since many of the accusations levelled against Prime Minister Sharif ar in relevancy Maryam Nawaz, the attorney would even have to gift arguments in relevancy her standing as a dependent moreover.


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