Grand operation has started Around Empress Market and against illicit constructions


Karachi has been engaged in the operation against the encroachments around Empress Market. Deputy Directorate Inquisition Cell says one thousand shops will be destroyed in 2 to 3 hours.

The operation against Karachi has been stressed. President Empress Market was started by the MQM and Operation Ali was started at the sides.

So far many shops have been knit with the help of heavy machinery, the police and Rangers’ camps are also present on the occasion to deal with any unpleasant event. The K.C. officials say that the shopkeepers after all the nighttime shops have taken all the goods.

The market of tea, leaf and dried vegetables are also dropped, when cloth and curry market will also be demolished. According to authorities, more than 1,000 illegal shops will be destroyed on the Empress Market.

On the other hand Tariq Road also gave shopkeepers a three-day stay, the tariffs will be done by the urban government, Tariq Road and against illegal construction and extortion. Earlier, Gulistan Johar, Gulshan Iqbal and Kalpal areas were also operated against extortion and illegal construction.

Bashir Siddiqui, Deputy Directorate Investigation Cell, Talking to Media, said that there were parks 50 years before the Empress Market, will restore the empress market to the original condition, a thousand shops will be destroyed in 2 to 3 hours, demolition shops The rubbish is being raised.

Bashir Siddiqui further said that the old format of the Empress Market in 15 days will begin to be restored, all organizations have cooperation in the operation, the vendors have cooperated with us, 90 percent of the consumers have taken their goods, more time consumers are given more time. The Supreme Court had given the task to end the agreements in the President, on the same hand, the proceedings continue, today we are going to fulfill the task of eliminating the agenda in the president.

Thanks to the cooperation of all organizations, deputy director said that all the organizations have cooperation in the operation and will also need help ahead.

Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar says that I thank God first, operation against the criminals is doing on both orders, Imran Khan and Supreme Court, thank everyone for the operation, in operation We have succeeded, there should be shop boards only at the shop, should not be hidden in front of the shop, some boards are accidentally broken, which I want to apologize.