Pakistan also white washed Newzeland after Australia


In the three T T T20 match series, Pakistan wiped out New Zealand.

In the match played in the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Pakistan had targeted 167 for New Zealand to win.

Kyle wins Glenn Philips and Colin Monroe on the innings but Fahim Ashraf bowled Colin Monroe in the second over.

The guests were the other out-of-the-batsman Colin de Grand’s home, which Usman Khan Shinwari scored.

New Zealand’s third wicket, Williamson, who scored 60 runs, scored 44 runs in the same over, Shoaib Khan sent Gulen Philips to the pallin for 26 runs.

In the next over, Omid Waseem also performed a stunning bowling and out of 2 players, Mark Chopman 2 and Sefer were dismissed without any runs in their over.

Tom Southey also scored unbeaten and Ross Taylor became 7 for the first time.

Waqas Maqsoud scored the last two, Ferguson and Seth Reynens made one run.

The New Zealand team got 119 runs in the 17th over and green shirts won 47 runs in the 3-series series.

Shadab Khan 3, Waqas Maqsood 2, Umadad Waseem 2 and Fahim Ashraf out of a single innings by Pakistan.

Earlier, Pakistan’s innings started by Fakhrzada Zaman and Babar Azam but proudly scored 11 runs for the total score of 29 and Ferguson was followed by Mohammad Hafeez and Babar Azam in the best match and in the second wicket partnership. 94 runs.

Pakistan’s second-out player Babar Azam, who scored 79 runs, was on the grid of the Grand Home, he also coincided with the fastest one-thousand runs in T-T20 cricket in the innings.

Pakistan’s third wicket, Shoaib Malik, who became 19 runs, became a Grand Home, while Mohammad Hafeez remained out for 53 runs.

Due to the impressive game of Babar Azam and Mohammad Hafeez, Pakistan made 166 for the loss of 3 wickets in the 20 overs.

Grandmother 2 and Ferguson dismissed one by New Zealand.

Prior to this, Pakistan team captain Sarfraz Ahmed won the toss and decided to bat first when there were two changes in Pakistan Squad, Hassan Ali and Shahin Shah Afridi were restored.

Pakistan beat the wicket with 2 runs after the first Test match played on October 31, when Pakistan beat New Zealand by 6 wickets in the second match.

After getting the decisive edge in the series against Kaware, Pakistan won the title of the 11th TT series series.

Captain Sarfraz Ahmed appreciated all the players for the good performance of the team and hoped that he would wash the wicket in the T-TT series.

There is a series of series of three-one and three test matches in both the UAE after the T-T20 series between the two teams.