Police killed a woman suicide bomber in Tunisia

Tunisia view while a suicide bomb blaster women blast the bomb
Police killed a woman suicide bomber in Tunisia
A suicide bomber blew a woman when a police van was passing by her (photos: file)

A suicide bomber attacked a police van in Tunisia, resulting in a policeman killed.

According to the International News Agency, a female suicide bomber blew himself near police station in Tunisia’s capital, killing a policeman.

Police officials say the female suicide bomber blew off when a police van was passing through it. The lady was wearing a suicide jacket and was waiting for the roadside police van.

After the explosion, the chaos got wasted and traffic jam, many people were injured due to Bhagdar, rescue agencies started rescue work and transferred the injured and injured to the hospital.

The police officer says the body of the suicide attacker has been moved to the hospital for post mortum when the sample fake lab for sending DNA matches has been sent.

Due to clashes between fighters and police in Tunisia, peace and security situation is very neutral, in November 2015 suicide attack was carried out on the police bus, and after that incident the emergency was enforced in the country.