The worst year of stock in the stock market, the loss of Rs 238 billion

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The worst year of stock in the stock market,the loss of Rs 238 billion

it is the lowest point ever in history.

KARACHI: The government’s unstable economic policies, unstable economic situation, rising inflation and depreciation in depreciation deposits caused the impartiality of investors to face the stock of Pakistan stock exchange on the biggest issue of the year this year.

According to Express News, the stock exchange index on Monday came at the lowest level of one year, due to the fall, 89% of the share prices dropped, while the investors lost 2 billion 38 billion 97 million 59 million 833 rupees. Due to worst scandal, the index of 39,000 and 38,000 points of psychiatrists fell in a hurry.

The intensity of the recession reached 1457 points on one occasion, but the closure of shares in lower prices fell sharply due to the increase in shares. As a result, the KSE index index declined by 1328.06 points to 37898.29, while KSE 30 index fell 672.99 points to 18404.88, the KMI index dropped by 2443.89 points to 64024.50 points.

The business volume was lower by 20.70 percent compared to last Friday, and the net profit of 18 million rupees 5 thousand 70 shares was done, while the scope of business activities was limited to 385 companies, which increased by 30, 341 There was a decrease in prices and prices of 14.