‘Worst outbreak’ of MDR Typhoid in Hyderabad


KARACHI: Nearly four hundred kids are reported stricken by MDR typhoid fever} in Hyderabad wherever the health consultants have warned of ‘worst and largest outbreak’ of this disease because of contaminated water being provided within the second largest town of the province.

‘It’s seriously the worst and therefore the biggest happening of Multidrug-Resistance infectious disease,’ aforesaid Dr Farah Qamar, professor of medicine at the Agha Khan University Hospital.

The data shows that a minimum of four hundred kids were stated the tending centres in Hyderabad throughout the last eight months. The worst affected square measureas within the town from wherever the foremost numbers of kids were reported are Bhitai Colony, Qasimabad, and Wahdat colony.

Also, city is a smaller amount affected wherever twenty kids elderly between two to five were reported stricken by it. Liyari, North-Karachi, Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Gulistan-e-Johor, Malir associated Abraham Hydri square measure the worst affected areas of the metropolis wherever an antibiotic-resistant strain of infectious disease is spreading.

While explaining the key factors behind the happening, Dr Qamar aforesaid the prime reason is that the non-availability of chemical element in water but, contaminated water and poor sanitation have deteriorated the case.

Another issue, that she aforesaid, was unconcealed throughout the survey that every one the four water treatment plants in Hyderabad District square measure non-functional and contaminated water is being provided to the residents.

She any aforesaid that its hard-to-treat infectious disease cases ought to be managed to stop outbreaks. ‘The state of affairs was obtaining worse from Nov 2016 however authorities did not pay any attention.’

Dr Muhammad Tufeeq, Director Health city, additionally confirmed that the case is obtaining out of management. With the assistance of kid Survival Program vaccination drive has been started in Lyari, Abraham Hyderi and Gadap city, he said.

Dr M N Lal, Program Director of kid Survival in Sindh, aforesaid that to avoid MDR infectious disease everybody ought to take strict measures and avoid overwhelming unhealthful food; ensure your water is Chlorinated; keep your hands clean; and drink poached water.

Dr Farah Qamar aforesaid that for people who square measure stricken by MDR infectious disease should be immunized with by Typbar vaccinum, which might incline to kids of quite two years elderly.

‘We ought to limit the inappropriate use of antibiotics,’ says Dr Qamar. ‘Globally, drug-resistant infectious disease is spreading across Africa and Asia, and that we ought to work effortlessly to develop strategies to spot new cases and clinically judge and treat people who square measure affected.”

On water chlorination, Chief Engineer city Water and Sewerage Board Asadullah khan aforesaid that they need started a ‘Booster of Chlorination’ in the least the pumping stations and additionally urged the voters to scrub their underground and overhead water tanks and use chemical element tablets.