Previous history of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi: Pakistan’s interim prime minister


ISLAMABAD: Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, UN agency is about to become Pakistan´s interim prime minister, is that the former federal minister for fossil oil and natural resources, and a man of affairs UN agency launched the country´s most prospering non-public airline.

Considered very smart and a long-time booster of Nawaz Sharif, the previous prime minister UN agency was ousted by the Supreme Court on Fri, the 58-year-old Abbasi can act as a placeholder for the Sharif family line.

He is thanks to be rubber sealed by in an exceedingly parliamentary vote as prime minister till Sharif´s younger brother Shahbaz, a provincial minister, are often nonappointive to the national assembly and take over the leadership.

Abbasi was appointed oil minister once Nawaz Sharif won his third election in 2013.

Educated within the U.S. at Chief Executive University, he was born in Karachi however could be a member of the National Assembly from Murree — a hill station that’s a favorite vacation destination for Sharif.

Abbasi worked within the U.S. associated Saudi Arabia as an applied scientist before change of integrity politics once his father, a minister normally Zia ul-Haq´s government, was killed once associate ammunition dump happiness to Pakistan´s powerful Inter-Service intelligence service (ISI) exploded in city in 1988.

Abbasi has been nonappointive sixfold as a member of the National Assembly since then, and has antecedently served as minister for commerce and defence production.

He was the chairman of allegory carrier Islamic Republic of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) from 1997 to 1999, till General Pervez Musharraf overthrew Sharif´s second government.

Abbasi was in remission once the coup and captive for 2 years before being discharged.

In 2003, he setup a personal airline Air Blue, the country´s most prospering non-public airline and competitor to Indian arrowroot.