China will make artificial moon by 2020

China making artificial Moon
China is ready to launch artificial Moon

Beijing.: A China-based city has announced to create a artificial moon in the next two years, which will provide luminous light like a moon in the nights.

Chengdu’s administration of China’s southwestern city has shocked the world by announcing like films like Science Fiction,
in which it will create artificial moon or shining satellite. According to the local newspaper, the satellite will remove 8 times more light than the normal moon, after which the need for road lights will be eliminated.

According to initial estimates, the human moon will lighten 10 to 80 kilometers in the area of ​​Qatar.

He has developed Cheng Du Two Aviation Science and Technology Microproducts System Research Institute. Chinese sources said that the burning satellite was developed several years back and now it has entered the trial phase.

Chinese scientists have special coatings on solar panels such as reflecting sunlight for a very high level, will send Chengdu to two cities.

This satellite will rotate in the center of China near the center of the world and will also appear to be cold on earth from China’s soil. But no details of its rocket and space project have been released.

Cheng du city people are waiting for the satellite to start tourists in the city. But some doctors have said that the nighttime continuous light from satellite can affect the natural physical clock and routine of the citizens. Thus, their health may have negative effects.

However, KING WOMEN, head of the organization working on satellite laws, said that this light will be very light and will not change in the night in the day. However, experts have said that the light can be several times more than the fourteenth moon.

Earlier, China had announced to send a 25-meter diameter space mirror to the space station Mir so that the dark and cold areas of Siberia could be murmured but could not be done due to some technical reasons.

Before this, the French expert also considered a necklace over the earth above which it was talked to light Paris for the whole year.