Indian Janaita Party leader and his brother killed in Indian-administered Kashmir

anil par bahar killed in kashmir
bhartiya janata party member

Srinagar –
On Wednesday night, a curfew has been imposed on the Kashmir-based Kushwara town of Kashmir and the rising tension in suburban areas.

This tension is born in Kushwara, due to the killing of an Indian ruling party of Indian Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Anil Pyarar and his brother Ajit Pyarar.

The incident took place in the city of Tapa Gul on Thursday night.

anil par bahar killed in kashmir
bhartiya janata party member


The police said that Anil Pyarar and his brother were returning to their home in Khayarwara, Khairashtra, where the unidentified armed men fired fire on them. Anil was killed on the spot, while his elder brother died in the district hospital.

The police also said that there was a stationery shop in a market in Kishwad of Kishwad, Ajit Pyarwar, who was going to the home side with his brother on the way that both the brothers were targeted by unknown invaders. .

Officials said that the incident has started investigating and on the occasion, it is difficult to say who has a hand in the double murder. However, the BJP has been responsible for the incident “terrorists”.

As soon as this news spread, people spread protest in the streets at several places in Kishwara. According to a report, an angry crow outside the district hospital attacked and killed two police officers.

Kishwad deputy commissioner, Englishman Singh Rana decided to implement the cargo immediately.

Kushwad is situated in the northwestern northwestern Kashmir district of Jammu, 214 kilometers east of the Jammu and is considered sectarianly as the most sensitive state of the state.

Muslims and Hindus are equally populated in Kushwara. In the past, there have been multiple sectarian riots here.

Expressing deep shock in a tweet, Dr. Jitinder Singh, Minister of State, posted in the Prime Minister’s office in New Delhi, said in a tweet, “I am soon leaving for Kishorewad.” At that time, the same mind is the head of the mind. “