international court has fined 4 billion to paksitan. if the fine will not be paid on time, what conditions pakistan will face?


ISLAMABAD (monitoring desk) – The World Court has fined $ 4 billion on Pakistan, which was the biggest result of facing the issue, Pakistan’s decision to not pay a timely penalty.

According to the details, the court has fined $ 4 billion on Pakistan for resolution of global bank investment. In its verdict, the World Bank’s court said that if Pakistan did not pay a timely penalty then Pakistan’s national airline PIA aircraft would not be able to come in 60 countries.
The aircraft present abroad will be stopped. The World Bank’s court has been charged with a fine of $ 4 billion by the Australian and Turkish company to win the case. The Australian company had a case on canceling copper gold silver fired in Rukodok area of ​​Balochistan, while the Turkish company ‘Karak’ also won a case against Pakistan’s rental power plant. In the PPP government era, Pakistan had called for a power plant from ‘carriers’ to end the load shedding of the country.
The ship was set to be in the ocean, but this power plant was standing in the Arabian Sea near Karachi and it was not released nor was it provided by the oil company. The court had referred to the case in which the case was won. The court has ordered Pakistan to pay $ 20 billion for the Turkish company’s work. In addition, in another case the Government of Pakistan has been fined a court of $ 1 billion and has also been said in the decision.
If Pakistan does not pay this amount, Pakistan’s national airline PIA will not be able to come and fly in 60 countries and the aircraft will be stopped there. The idea is that if the government plays all the money at the time of the offenses committed against Pakistan, then in the event that it meets Saudi Arabia and UAE, to improve the economic situation of the country. The total amount of money is to be submitted by these payments.