Karachi: Government has taken decision to take action against Administered protesters

Karachi: Government has taken decision to take action against Administered protesters
Karachi: Government has taken decision to take action against Administered protesters

The Sindh Police decided to take action against ‘unlawful’ threats, protests and rallies and lodged cases, due to which the normal lives in Karachi were suspended for 3 days.

A high level meeting was chaired by Inspector General Police (IGP) Dr. Syed Kaim Imam in the Central Police Office.

The Korangi police filed a case against more than dozen demonstrators on the complaint of a factory under this, which were forced to close the industrial unit forcing and spreading extortion.

The meeting was held in the backgrounds of organized religious leaders against the killing of ASEA BB in the case of blasphemy by the Supreme Court, protesting in many areas of the city affected the city’s usual lives. Due to which the citizens had to face severe difficulties and difficulties.

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During the meeting, IG Sindh said, ‘I feel proud of what I have done in the past 5 days’.

He said that laborers could not attend their work and schools because of the closure of the roads.

IG Sindh said that without the permission of district administration and officials, without any desired purpose in Sindh province, which could be done against any lack of urban facilities or other problems if any rally or protest was taken. Will take action against the organizers’.

He said that FIR will be lodged against any rally without permission.

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Dr. Syed Kaim Imam said that ‘future decisions will not be allowed to block the low cost at any cost’, in the same way the Highways and Lari Express will not allow such rallies to be long traffic jams.

Speaking on the situation in the country’s current peace and security situation, he ordered his subordinates to “prepare for riots and reserve personnel” to deal with any possible incident.

Karachi Police Chief Additional IG Dr. Amir Sheikh praised his performance on organized crime and anti-drug activities to eliminate street crimes.

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Two protesters arrested during extortion

Dawn, a senior official said on condition of not showing the identity that police authorities have decided to file cases in the crime of spreading corruption and damage property.

He said that the FIRs will be registered on the complaints of the affected people or the state-owned people who have damaged the property.

He said a case has been lodged on closure of ‘Forward’ industrial unit and spreading around 15-16 people in a factory’s checkpoints complaint at the Korangi Police Station.