Saudi Arabia decides to kill 11 key figures, Jamal Khashkiqi’s death drops


Riaz has been blamed for eleven suspects involved in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashashjee from Saudi Arabia, according to foreign media according to Saudi murder in a consulate in a consulate in Jamal Khashisjee. The person has been indicted on behalf of five people and has also been given permission to head five, prosecutor has been charged for the release of five people involved in the murder of the journalist. These people Jamal Khashajiji

Killing the death sentence in the Saudi Consulate in Turkey, Public Prosecutor said that September 29 was shot dead and the Consulate’s camera was closed, journalist Jamal Khashashji After killing, he was shifted and transferred from the Saudi consulate. The prosecutor said that a former advisor played an important role in the killing of Jamal Khashashji, the accused of allegations made by the public prosecutor has declined, according to the report, no report of the suspect did not appear by the Saudi authorities. Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mulud Chaudhry Auloo has said about the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashkiqi on the other hand that international investigation has become an essential condition at the place where we reached.

Turkey has issued a transparent investigative process in the case of Khashashani murder and Turkey has recognized this thing, Turkey is not doing anything wrong with the international community. It is important. According to the International News Agency, Turkish Foreign Minister Mulud Chaudhry Aulooi has said about killing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashkiqi that at the time we arrived at the place, international investigation has become an essential condition. Answering the question related questions in the National Assembly Chaudhry Aulooi said that Turkey has a transparent tackle of murder. Tysy process is continued and it is recognized by the whole world. He said that we are conducting transparent research on this issue with the international community, and we have done a working group together with Saudi Arabia in the past. Although we do not want to take this matter to the global court right now, but in our view, at the time we are in the international investigation of this case, we become a bet.

Chowl Allow said that with all the detail of this murder, everything will happen to us to come to the scene. This case can neither be closed nor can it be compromised. He said that we have shown these arguments to those who want to see the evidence we have. Turkey is not doing anything wrong, it is necessary to exchange whatever is in Turkey’s hand. It is important that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashashji was killed in a Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2. .