Women’s Rap in North Korea Part of the Common Life?

Women's Rap in North Korea Part of the Common Life
Women's Rap in North Korea Part of the Common Life?

The World Institute ‘Human Rights Watch’ (HRW) has claimed in a report that harassment of women in North Korea, sexual intercourse with them and sometimes being raped is a big It is not considered.

The report released by HRW has been based on the North Korean people who succeeded in getting out there.

About 100 pages included interviews of 106 people who fled from North Korea, more than 70 women.

Interviews of those interviews included in the report include 4 low-tech girls and 30 male men, who took a curtain on their personal events.

In the report, astonishing revelations have been brought forth in the report and claim that the government officials, police and army officers in North Korea have an open waiver of women taking overxicent attitude and raping them.

New Korea Women’s Union President Liu-Yun explains detailing women’s behavior at a conference-photos: AFP
The report states that the powerful men of North Korea, the higher ranked officers, have the privilege to target anyone whenever they want.

Referring to the women giving interviews in the report, it is written that high officers and men see women as sexual toys only and wish to be with them whenever they want.

The women who interviewed say that in North Korea, nervous behavior with women and sexually harassment has become so common that many women now do not misunderstand it and they think it is their life. Is part of

In the report, it is quoted as saying that in North Korea, the jail officials and officers of the jail, officers, guards, and senior officials, have the ability to rap and sexually harass anyone.

The HRW has issued a report, asking the North Korean government and government officials to take notice of women’s narrative traditions and cases of sexual harassment in the country.

It is not the first time that a human rights agency has issued a report on the Nazi attitude with women in North Korea.

In 2014, the UN (UN) issued a report relating to North Korea and expressed concern over human rights violation there.

The United Nations also mentioned in its report the cases of sexual intercourse with women, sexually harassed and raped them, and demanded the government to try to prevent these incidents.

North Korea has always declined such reports, but the government did not make any effect on the latest report.